Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sorry..I had to do this.

When you get a Super Bowl ring then you can Talk that shit.
Leave New Orleans out ya mouth.
Thanks for the motivation for us to come to the Georgia Dome and BEAT
ya'll asses yet again, That, and our GAURANTED spot in the playoff's!!
Go lick your wounds and ya bum ass knee
You No talent fuck.



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rest In Peace

Damn....Um ,Let's See.


M.C. Thick

Pimp Daddy

Yella Boy

Daddy yo

Kilo G


Soulja Slim

VL Mike

12 O' Clock

Messy Mya

Magnolia Shorty

It's Fucked up that the City you rep in your

songs takes your life.

God Bless The Dead.



Friday, December 17, 2010

New Mystikal 12/17

New Mystikal track leaked today called "That Woman".

Prob a cut track off his new album dropping early next year.

That "Woke up..." line never gets old.



Monday, December 6, 2010

The Iyce Age

Tight Female album from a local group called Blak Iyce.
Featuring a lot of Major players from New Orleans.
Production by Juvenile,Sinista and David Faulk(Big Boy Records)
Thankx to Macadon for the connection.
Holla .

All I Do is Win...

Silkk The Shocker's MixxxTape.

Forgot to up this when it dropped back in June.
He stepped his game up along with his wordplay.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Call it how I see Em'......

DJ Pyra-C
Keep thuggin'

Friday, November 19, 2010

CMR Queing with Q93

Its ya Boy Wild Wayne.
Wild wayne has been the voice of Louisiana hip hop along with New Orleans
longest running hip hop and RnB radio station Q93. Back in the day you would hear
D.J. Jimi, Ricky B., Lil Elt, M.C. Thick and all the N.O. Superstars Because Wayne would be the
the first radio personality to break them on Q93 Fm.
He would have the "Slam it or Jam it" where the listeners would choose what would get played.
He used to have the 9.0 clock props where local talent would show off their skills on the Mic
Live on air.
One night a rapper named Choppa did his thing on the props and was later sighned to
Take IV records just because of his freestyle on the radio station.
Now everyone knows who Choppa is.
(Choppa style..chop,chop..choppa style)
I have his freestyle along with interviews and freestyles from
Lokee,L.O.G.,U.N.L.V.,Mystikal and bokoo more,
It's on a tape so when i rip it
you all will get a blast from the past.
I broke my arm and am recovering from surgery
so it's gonna be a couple of weeks till i update the blog.
This one hand typing shit takes forever!!
So hang in their and I will be back soon.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween...Bitch it's Fright Night!!

I figured It's just fitting to post this up since it's Halloween.

This Is Tre-8's Remake,or Reloaded as it's titled, of his Classic

Fright Night album that dropped back in the day.

With Beats similar to the original but pretty much minus all the

samples that where included in his previous works tracks.

He Even switches up the lyrics on a couple songs.

On the title song Fright Night
he combines the lyrics of both
Fright Night the original with Master-P and Fright Night 2 which was

found on "Dey Scared of Me" and that one featured J-Dawg of Black menace.

He stays true to the original on this one

and actually makes a remake possible without tarnishing his classic.

For new jacks that have no clue about the original Fright Night tracks.

Let Uncle Jeff scool ya.

Fright Night/Feat Master P-

^^^^^^Notice how Master-P says "6 inch gertur" at the end insted of 6 foot.

Night Time Falls(Fright Night 2)/Feat J-Dawg of Black Menace-



-Jeff Parish-

Sunday, October 24, 2010

7th Ward Murdafeen

Murdafeen is a downtown 7th Ward New Orleans artist that dropped his one and only
album in 1999 on Bullheaded records. He has some later work but just random shit.
This is actually a pretty solid album but the stand out tracks for me was always
the self titled "Me and Ma Dawgs" and the radio played "Hold Up".
This came out around the turn of the century when N.O. rap was changing
from really hardcore lyrics and traditional sampled music into Stuntin and shining thanks to CMR.
That's why alot of people don't fuck with anything out of New Orleans past the year 2000.Not all but most.
I wouldn't give someone 15 bucks to brag to me about what they have.Would you?
Sorry for the rant, I guess I'm still in shock that the Saints fell to the Browns today.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Classic 1998 Bounce MixTape...

Over 1,ooo views in 15 Days..WOW. Thanks to everyone who

checks out the blog and keeps this New Orleans scene, Vintage

or New, alive and strong.

This was a classic Mixtape that dropped in 1998. It has alot

of the classics mixed in to one continuous flow.

Blending @ it's Best.

The CD version and the Tape version of this release are different.

The Tape has "Drag Em' N Tha River" Going in to "Back from the River" then that Goes in to "G'z and Soldiers"

The CD version has a different lineup in the mix.

This is the CD version Rip.

Stay tuned because I will updating the Blog more often now.



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mystikal feat Lil' Wayne and Fiend-Papercuts NEW 10/13

Just getting back from the Hornets game N.O. 90 MIA.76-Fuck Bosh,
It's all about C-P-3 bitches....and $9.00 24 oz. Budweiser's.

Here go some New Mystikal Featuring Wayne and Fiend.



Sunday, October 10, 2010

Young A-Reality Check

Pretty solid CD.

Amoung the Soulja Slim/B.G.

collab "Come Serve Me" and

its remix featuring Mia-X,

The second stand out is the

David Banner produced

"Eyes Half Closed".

Most from down here can

relate to this song.

Get it and enjoy this shit.



It's all good.

Got past the bullshit and it's all good.
Once ya done looking around ya'll head over to
and see what INOLA has to offer.
We all in the same gang.



Friday, October 8, 2010

Capitol F I....END

Keep'n it moving.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I figured Since the Blog hit 30,000 views
That I would release the RADIO VERSION
of this song.
It took me 13 years to find this, and when
I did it was the Radio Version.Now Since the
Big Homie came threw and hooked me up
with the EXPLICIT version I don't mind getting
off of it as much. You know who you are for
the hook up. Thanks a Million.Respect to
a real collector from a real collector.
And until the big homie gives me the word
on releasing the Dirty version, this will have
to do.
They both have alternate lyrics.
For example:

(Radio Version)
The B.G. Splitta/3-D killa
Back from the River
I'm bout to lay you Big mouth
punks down without ya pillow

(Explicit Version)
The B.G. Killa/3-D Nigga
Back from the River
I'm Bout to lay you Big Mouth
Mutha Fuckas Down without
ya pillow

The Explicit version wins hands down.

But hey, for a song no one knew existed
and then became highly saught after because
of a rally at this Blog, This should put a smile
on a lot of followers faces. I know it did on mine.
This is why I do this shit.

P.S. The song is called "Back From The River", NOT
Here I Go part.2. The Only reason he did the
Here I Go chorus is because That song was
just released and was getting airplay all over, SO,
By making this the chorus he figured it would
catch on like Here I Go did.
Drag Em' was like Ether tho' and no matter what
Mystikal released or said it could not top that song.



Thursday, September 30, 2010

Southern Horrorcore...In 320

Chapter 3 of my Attack of the 320 series.

Also this was requested.

Shout out to Sir Jay.



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Kane and Abel

Pretty Tight CD from the original twins.
Features include:
Young Joc
Bun B
Lil Boosie
Juelz Santana
and more.........

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here I Go...

More of the footage I have of the live concert that took place

on 8/12.

He performs 3 songs on this one.

1.Here I Go

2.The Man Right Chea

3.Ya'll Aint Ready Yet

I decided to upload it on youtube insted of blogger.

Still Didnt upload it in HQ because it would of took

to long, but, Once I'm done uploading them I think

I will Zip them up and Have em' available for DL.

Check out the video at 1:36..He takes a shot

at Atlanta.

Fiend makes a good hypeman.



Monday, August 16, 2010

KLC and Mannie Fresh Live 8/12

This is the first of the footage I have from

last Thursday's(8/12) Concert at the House of Blues

here in New Orleans. One of many installments.

This is Mannie Fresh and KLC on stage

talking about putting in work on Mystikals new

album. He has the best of both worlds on production.

Sorry, I had to downgrade it a bit because of the size

of the files.Blogger has a size limit unfortunately.

Quicktime is a bitch to convert.

Blogger takes forever to upload a video.

Fuck youtube!

Wild Wayne gets my respect on the speech on how

Atlanta and a few other states have stolen New Orleans

style and cashed in on it while we keep getting slept-on.



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mystikal and Mannie Fresh French Quarter Freestyle

Yea thats them chilling in the French Quarter here in New Orleans.

Mystikal performing at the House of Blues thursday and for 10 more

dollars you get a meet and greet with autograph signings and pictures

and all that other good stuff.


Should I go get the "Not That Nigga" Demo and "Back from the River" vinyl signed.

Be worth more if I did huh.



Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Local 580-The Black Connection

Never officially dropped. I guess if Baby does not want to pay

One artist on his roster now, then back in the day before a Milli

he would have never paid an entire roster.

So I guess that's why this didn't drop.

Basically that's what the Local 580 was.

It was Cash Money's version of a No Limit Soldiers song.

It had every one that was on CMR's label at the time on the song.

I came across this years ago.
Our friends over at

requested this and I am a fan of what their doing over their so...
Holla @ cha boy.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Attack of the 320's Chapter 2

As requested by the homeboy 99.
This CD is not at the top of my list of Untouchable Releases.
Great tracks including the Demo version of "Down in the Boot"
featuring Tre-8 and a slew of others that didn't make the Charlie
Hanseen completed version.
I guess this CD is a time capsule because Bone was popping at the time
so the fast paste lyrics are a reflection of that and the West coast
sound was on top so that explains the "Funk" of this disc.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thicker than Water?

C-Murder V.S. Master-P, Can't really say I'm Shocked.

P and C never really saw eye to eye.
Back in the NL days they where notorious for arguing with each other
over the way no limit was going.
Heres a little tid-bit, The album from TRU-Da Crime Family had to be
recorded in separate sessions because C and P where at odds with each
other and refused to be in the same room with each other during the
recording of that album.
I remember hearing that from TEK over at and
he was the authority on that shit.
Any way enough of my buzzed rambling, listen to this interview done with both of them recently.

Lemme know what you think of that shit, Is P wrong or
is C reading to much in to things?
The Comment section is yours.



I'll Put It On Ya....

To quote DJ Jimi:

"It must be the pussy cause' it ain't yo face..."

This is like an Unofficial Big Boy Records release being that

it has Production and rapping from Precise and it has the usual

line up of guest features like Fiend,Ghetto Twins,Mystikal and so on.

The Mystikal collab song that is also the albums title is the one that

got the airplay back in the day.

She was also in Eazy-E's short lived West Coast

group H.W.A. which is an acronym for "Hoes with Attitude".

How she hooked up with Southern Big Boy records is a mystery to me.



Friday, July 2, 2010

Juvenile Advance.

Brand New Advance copy of Juvy album that drops July 13.
He even has his son on the mic on this one.
Ya'll go out and support this cat, Not to many old school N.O.
artist are still relevent in the game.
Juvenile can say he is in that elite club.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Keep Ya Head Up

Pretty Dope CD.
He also Re-Vamped a couple of "Older" post NL Era songs
like "HeartBeat". The OG version to this song is on
Mac's "The Lost Tapes".
Someone told me he recorded 10 albums worth of tracks
when he came out. So look out for alot of future music
from C-Murder.
I don't think Mr.Miller will make it out this time around.
At least one of the 3 Miller Boys kept it real.


Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yea,It's done.

All mixtape style with the Continuious Flow.

It also has 8 secrets if your patient....Very Patient


-Jeff Mutha Fuckin' Parish-

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fuck U. and L.V. Big Boy Diss tracks...

I'm putting together Every Big Boy diss directed @ Cash Money records

that I know of and Posses in a MixTape fashon.

Including a lil bit of the "Back From the River Song" by Mystikal

along with a couple of other rare joints.
"So put ya head down/and keep silent/Till you get worldwide round'
this bitch be quiet"
Mystikal-Back from the River

So look out for that to drop in the next upcoming days.

If any one can make a cover for this get at me threw the Blogs

Email please. It does not have to be anything special maybe

just the Big Boy logo pissing on the CMR logo Ala

Calvin and Hobbes style or something like that.

Use your artistic license.



Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tha Streets Won't Let Me Go....

Pretty Solid Release by Big Ren.

The commercial for this back in the day was corny as hell,

with a shoestring budget what do you expect?

Add track #7 and #14 to the ever growing list of artist who remade

Manny Fresh/U.N.L.V.'s "Don't ya be Greedy" Track in to some kind of

song of their own.

Impersonation is a form of flattery.

Eh...It is what it is.

And thanks to those who are blowing up the blogs Email.

I got you all.


Slam it on the wall..

By Souljas of Sorrow a group consisting of the CEO of Mobo Records,
Mobo Joe, was the song that caught my ear as me and my patna was cruising aimlessly and very intoxicated in New Orleans in the a.m. hours.
I used to love to listen to the DJ's on Q93 really late/Early in the morning because they didn't play the same garbage that filled their "Prime Time"
air waves. This would be the only time a song like this would ever be played...and it did...and I remembered it and sought after it.
This is one out of the two Compilation albums Mobo did to showcase their catalog of artist and give you a preview of up-and-comers.
The only thing I hate is the "Remixes" of the Ruthless Juveniles and Dog
House Posse songs.You own the Masters to these.Why not Take the Acapella and Remix it the way it should be instead of just adding other drum samples and weak keyboard synths over the existing tracks.
Beyond that, It's straight.



P.S. The Blogs Email is now on the title if you want to contact me about something.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Don't Stop

Per shout Box Request:
Warren Mayes-Get it Girl


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wet Boyz-Get Wet

No Homo...Lol!!
This is a solid release by Sporty-T R.I.P.
Trolling other peoples blogs and saw that they could not find this so I guess I will share with my Internet Brothers and Sisters.
Now after you DL this go and Re-Up it on Rapidshare and claim it as your own like most People do.
**Cough...Cough Nolalive**

Hold it down for me.

KLC feat Juvenile,Snoop and Soulja Slim.

I had almost forgotten about this track,and Six Shot all together.

Time to revisit it.

If anyone has this Untagged


Monday, May 3, 2010

New C-Murder-The Life I Live....

From his new album "Tomorrow" due out in June.

C-Murder-The Life I Live

New Mystikal and C-Murder within days of each other,

it's like a No Limit resurrection.



Thursday, April 29, 2010

New 2010 Mystikal-"I Don't Like You" feat Fiend,KLC.

The above Pic Is Mystikal in the studio w/KLC and Juvenile.

Mystikal feat.Fiend.Produced by KLC-'I Don't Like You

KLC Breathing new life into the "Down 4 my Niggaz" Sample.
Mystikal Hit the ground running and starting it off correct!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mystikal-Back From the River

Came across this and bought it just for the now infamous and highly sought after response from Mystikal to U.N.L.V.'S-Drag 'Em N Tha River
titled "Back From the River".It's a totally new rendition of the song we New Orleans people have known to consider a classic"Here I Go".
Two places I have herd this song, None being on the Internet, Once on the radio in 96' and a clip on the 98' Dj Al presents Bounce-60 minute Louisiana Mixtape which ironically blends it with Drag Em'.
Besides the for mentioned Precise produced song,This promo also came with the Instrumental to "Here I Go",Radio version,LP Version and a very
New York sounding Remix produced by Jesse West with the Instrumental to accompany that.
The Jesse West Remix is awkward because like the Remix to "Out that Boot Camp Clicc" it has a basic NY beat trying to contain a high energy southern rapper and it does not work well.
I will leave you with a snippet of "Back From the River" to wet your appetite expect the full with a lot of other rarities on the MixTape.
Mystikal-Back From The River(Snippet)
Holla @ Cha' Boy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Code 6/Ice Mike Entertainment Rip.

Straight from the Shrink-Wrap to the Needle. I used to always skip the Ice Mike Entertainment track when it came up on the CD. After listening to the Instrumental and 12 years later it's starting to grow on me.
I also have an entire new respect for the "Let's Go Get 'Em" production, Its weird listening to an Instrumental how much production value you miss when vocals are added.
Oh yea, Ashes and Wax don't ignore the two minor skips on this song.
I do not have time to Re-Rip it or run it threw the clean up filter program as of now.
Code 6-Ice Mike Entertainment (Radio)
Holla @ Cha' Boy.

Monday, April 12, 2010


A Snippet for the non-believers.

Followed by Partners-N-Crime-Just Anotha Number (Radio) full.

In Honor of Me finding another Sealed Copy of the self-titled first tape along with the Sealed Black Menace 3-Track promo and Sealed Tre-8-Dey Scared of Me Disc.

I can say that it came from the Vinyl,Cassette or the Super Rare "Pussy-n-a-Can" Cassette Single with them "Pissin' on 6th and B" on the cover,Either way I got em' all.


Saturday, April 10, 2010


I have never seen this and it is not listed on any of his discographys, so with that in mind I bought it along with a couple other Vinyl singles.

Turns out it actually has the Demo version of "Not That Nigga" and the Instrumental to accompany it on the B-Side. After Reading about "Turntable Tech Issues" over on the T.a.G. Blog I started ripping all my rare 504 wax and have come to appreciate the speed of Disc burners.

Wax=Time Consuming

I'm only posting one cut from this as to retain it's future Re-Sale/Trade value.If you are interested in this or have something that I might want and wanna trade get @ me.

And just in case some new heads didnt know."Mystikal" the self-titled release on Big Boy back in 94',is not the Original.The Original has a diff cover and has all the same songs as that one with the addition of a Intro.

The Cover above this is taken from the "OG".


Monday, April 5, 2010

Charlie Hanseen:Attack of the 320's Chapter one.

I know what your thinking..why is this dude not scanning this stuff?
Well for two reasons one being my scanner is down and Two I think taking a picture of this stuff is more personal and intimate.
And if I ever list any of this stuff for sale on Ebay or any private buyer, the ground work is done.
This is the maiden voyage on my Attack of the 320's series and I could not think of a better CD to spread around the net then this one.
One of the most SOLID disc's to drop from Untouchable or even in the New Orleans area period at that time.
This dude would have got put on if not for the "L" he got for murder.
Manny Fresh shows up on two tracks with production like he always did before CMR locked him down. His efforts are on "Gettin' Involved" and the Single that burnt up the radio down here "True Players"
His other note worthy production for Untouchable/Tombstone was L.O.G.'s G'z and Soldiers in which he produced the title track.
Just like my last post a typo exist on the tracklist to this cd too.
The last track(the best in my opinion)Is actually the explicit version not the radio version.So I fixed that when ripping this.
Enjoy this classic as it was ment to be.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Got some stuff today, Including another Sealed cassette version of G-Slimm-Fours Dueces and Treys but one of these Tracklist's is misleading.

Im a fiend for Instrumentals and Acapellas from local rap artist.
So when I came across the Tim Smooth-Kaboom!! 4trk Promo from his
"Da Franchise Player" 98' mobo release I was like cool I got another artist for the mixtape. Dropped the 4 Bucks at the counter and bounced.
When I opened the wrapper and popped it in to rip it at my disarray Mobo records made a error in the Track listing.
Tim Smooth-Kaboom!!
It actually has the Instrumental twice and no acapella so at least I can make a great Q DIY acapella out of this.
Glad I got it eitherway, it fits in good with my growing collection.

This is just a heads up for Blenders and Producers.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What does.....

Sade....Elvis Presly...Derek B and the Show Boys have in common with New Orleans rap?

Hmmmm...lets sample and mix them all together and find out what Classic N.O. song has all the above Ingredients.

The anatomy of a Classic.

Watch out for my mixtape.


Ricky B.....B For Bounce.

As requested by someone in the ShoutBox. This dropped on Mobo Records around 95/96ish. Mannie Boo the main producer Ricky B. used to use for all his production died sometime ago. This is his second release, with the first being in 94' as an E.P. on the same label Certifiying his "Shake for ya Hood" and "Ya'll Holla" tracks as New Orleans classics.

He was featured on one of the Mobo clicks, a compilation album from the label, and dropped an underground tape that was an E.P. like his first after Mobo Records closed shop. After doing a stint in a Federal Penitentary he released "The Felony Squad" with Mannie Boo and this would be his last work known to date, also this was the last drop by Mannie Boo because he was killed short after its release.

The Felony Squad-Credit for time served

Last known album.