Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Blog aint dead...

It's just in limbo as of now. I probably will take it in another direction(Musically) like I had originally planned instead of limiting myself to
just New Orleans Rap or hip hop in general.
Don't get it twisted, I love this kind of music and have
grown up here in New Orleans with this stuff all my life but their is a lot more out there that I listen to and want to showcase, Hence the blogs name
Muzik N General.
I just put my hands on a lot of old school
New Orleans rap Tapes
and very rare and hard to find shit so of coarse I will up them when I rip em'
because that's part of the shit i listen to, But, That will not be the only genre' of
music I post on this blog.
It will be a mix of all genre's.

So, as a New Orleans departing gift I got the new L.O.G. coming up but I ripped it at 320 so it's taking a while to upload(The files like 150 something Mega Bites) when Mega Upload stops deciding to crash on me in the middle of
the upload it will be up.

One more thing, Stop bitching and moaning when a mutha fucka does not post something up every second of every day. Instead of just leaching off of other peoples shit why don't you start your own blog and practice what you preach.
I upped a lot of stuff that wasn't on the Net and so did some of the other Louisiana blogs and all most of you leaches do is request and demand shit.
Fuck you.
We helping you out.
I ain't gonna front most of you are from other countries and that's cool that you
want to sample and collect New Orleans hip hop, But, if it wasn't for sites like this you would be paying a fortune for this shit on E-Bay. Think about that shit before you E-Mail me with some non-sense demanding I upload something.
That's not at everyone only a selected few.

Thanks to everyone for checking this Blog out.