Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Blog aint dead...

It's just in limbo as of now. I probably will take it in another direction(Musically) like I had originally planned instead of limiting myself to
just New Orleans Rap or hip hop in general.
Don't get it twisted, I love this kind of music and have
grown up here in New Orleans with this stuff all my life but their is a lot more out there that I listen to and want to showcase, Hence the blogs name
Muzik N General.
I just put my hands on a lot of old school
New Orleans rap Tapes
and very rare and hard to find shit so of coarse I will up them when I rip em'
because that's part of the shit i listen to, But, That will not be the only genre' of
music I post on this blog.
It will be a mix of all genre's.

So, as a New Orleans departing gift I got the new L.O.G. coming up but I ripped it at 320 so it's taking a while to upload(The files like 150 something Mega Bites) when Mega Upload stops deciding to crash on me in the middle of
the upload it will be up.

One more thing, Stop bitching and moaning when a mutha fucka does not post something up every second of every day. Instead of just leaching off of other peoples shit why don't you start your own blog and practice what you preach.
I upped a lot of stuff that wasn't on the Net and so did some of the other Louisiana blogs and all most of you leaches do is request and demand shit.
Fuck you.
We helping you out.
I ain't gonna front most of you are from other countries and that's cool that you
want to sample and collect New Orleans hip hop, But, if it wasn't for sites like this you would be paying a fortune for this shit on E-Bay. Think about that shit before you E-Mail me with some non-sense demanding I upload something.
That's not at everyone only a selected few.

Thanks to everyone for checking this Blog out.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wanted by 5-0

Lower Level Organization in 1992 when MOBO Joe Records was just starting up.
This album preceded the later "Straight from the Woods" released in 1994. It has that
classic Mobo sound to it and is extremely hard to find so get it now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


As requested in the ShoutBox.
Young Gangstas-Pre-Meditated Gangstarism (1995)

Monday, September 15, 2008

True 2 Life

M.C. L of Murder Inc. with his first release(I think).
The production on this is pretty tight for being released in 96'.
Crazy is featured on a couple of tracks along with some other artist.
I'm back from my 3 week Hiatus so expect regular updates once again.
Oh, and thanks to all the other sites that added my link to theirs I'm going to put yall'
up in a minute...I appreciate that.

L The Black Robbin' Hood(M.C. L)-True 2 Life

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hide out or Ride out....

Very Tight release that came out on Take Fo' Records in 96'. It strays a lot from the Bounce
sound that the label is known for and instead trades it in for a gangsta or hard core vibe.
The Hideout-War Time(The Album)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sporty-T presents....


A lot of people have been hitting me up asking for the non screwed version of this, so have fun.

Sporty-T is basically still on a mission to destroy Cash Money Records again on this one.
This dropped about the same time as the Big Tymers-"Get ya roll on" so naturally its only
rite that Sporty-T jack the beat and flip the tittle to "Tell em' so long". Also a couple times on this cd Sporty references himself signing to No Limit records.

The Wet Boys(Sporty-T)-6 Feet from Home.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bally B....

Another artist from Downtown, dropped in 98' and had the song on the radio that sounded
like U.N.L.V.'S "Dont ya be greedy". Its got Crazy,Sporty-T,Jubilee,Legend Man and more on it.
Very tight album.

Bally B-Gotta B Greedy

T-Bo of the 504 Boyz......

C-Murder originally signed him to his TRU Records imprint back in the day and this album was showcased in C's booklet insert among him being on the album itself.He first popped up with Crazy in Master-P's "Golds in they Mouth" video.He was also along side Soulja Slim in the "I Don't give a Fuck" video with C.
On the WhiteBoyz soundtrack he collaborated with Snoop Dogg.
Then when C-Murder got locked up he was on No Limit in the group the 504 BOYz.
Originally from the B.R. his S.C.C.(South Coast Coalition) has not stopped dropping records and
even had a video for "Murda Man Dance" on Phat,Phat N all That.
Check out his new Album "That White Dude" if ya can, Its got a lot of guest appearances and the production is top notch.

C-Murder,Soulja Slim and T-Bo-"I Don't give a Fuck"


Friday, August 22, 2008

Soulja Slim Discography....

^Last project before his death.Collabo album with B.G. also known as "Uptown Souljas".
^This also includes the four songs that were on his first release "DarkSide".
Thank you Attila X for the uploads.
Greatly appreciated.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

You Boot'n up?

From Parkway pumpin' to Hype Enough to No Limit to Cut throat Commity and Kotch records, Magnolia(Soulja)Slim always brought his own style of rap to the table. I got his original tape "DarkSide"
by accident back in the day when i was walking home from school and found it laying on the ground.It even had scotch tape on it so the writing wouldn't scratch off.I thought maybe it didn't play or something but it plays fine.Now with Slim being dead and all, whoever lost it must be kicking them selves in the ass.This is his last official release before he got murdered and is alot better in my opinion from the original Years Later.B.G. really needs to release the "Uptown Souljas" duet album he has with Slim because we all ready for some new shit.
This Link was provided by a guest.

"Love me,Love me not"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Attack of the promo singles....

I have a bunch of promotional CDS laying around and these were the first two i grabbed from the stack. First is "Holla at me" by KLC(Beats by the Pound) B.G. and Mystikal. It has like most
CDS Dirty,Clean and Instrumental versions of the song. Drum Major, the album this is taken from has been pushed back more times than Detox. Six or more songs have already been leaked
from the album and they even shot a video for "Play it Loud" featuring Fiend, but no album has yet to see the light of day.


Next is Guss a.k.a. Joey Queans-Kenner City(Da Anthem). This cat has been doing his thing and
is affiliated with C-Murder and Tru Records. I remember this getting rotation on the radio just before Katrina hit.Someone made a request for this and it is a tight song. So for every one on the Dark side of Vets you know what to do.

Joey Queans-Kenner City (Da Anthem)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lil Goldie....

I herd recently that this cat died, if so R.I.P. I used to see him all across New Orleans mainly at
the movie theatre.You couldn't miss him. He had a picked down fro'
and one side was died yellow.
He was Mobo joe records "Bounce" artist.
Lil' Goldie-Act a Donkey on A....

Downtown Hustla...

Before Mia-X was a good girl gone bad or the first lady of the No Limit tank, she was just in the
shadow of her older brother Fila Phil. This cd and His later one entitled "The Hustler Returns"
pretty much solidified him as a Downtown New Orleans Legend. Way before Nelly made this style of rap popular Phil was laying it down and kicking in doors
For a while he had found god and had a group called F.T.F.(Fighting the Flames)
but now he is back and resides in Florida...that's what his Myspace says at least.
This Link was provided by a guest named EL JEFE
Fila Phil-The Hustler.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Knuckle up...

A Westbank classic from The Dog House Posse. Mobo Joe Records had shit on lock for a while
with this one due partly from the song "Knuckle Up". I Have the original Tape and Cd. If you like
Ruthless Juveniles then you will definitely like this one, Its highly recommended and highly hard to find.Good luck.
"Dont start no shit,they wont be no shit...."
Dog House Posse-Dope Gets No Heavier. Mobo joe records.

Pimp Daddy

A guest in the shout box left this link.
Its Pimp Daddy-Pimpin Ain't EZ from 1995. I bought this Tape when it came out and its kind
of Bittersweet. You Have Yella Boy from U.N.L.V. on a song saying rest in peace and then a year
or two later he gets killed. This is classic cash money and Mannie Fresh production on this cd.
It features U.N.L.V.,B.G.,BABY Mannie Fresh and more.

211((New Orleans))

Hustlin pays the bills dropped around the time that New Orleans murder rate was getting

national attention it was so high. One of Untouchable records first releases, it kind of has

a west coast sound to it. One track later appeared on L.O.G.S cd and "Down in the Boot"

is the pre-released stripped down version of a song that later appeared on Charlie Hanseen's cd.

Overall its a great cd but its way to short.

211-Hustlin' pays tha billz

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mobo Joe..2004

Another nice drop for yall. Mobo Joe the mastermind behind the westbank record label Mobo Joe records with his 2004 solo entitled "Federalli". Joe is responsible for such groups as Ruthless Juveniles,Dog House Posse,Souljas of Sorrow,Ricky B. and a lot more. This record sounds like all the other Mobo releases with is grimy, unpolished bass driven production that we all have come to love about the MoBo camp. I think the record label is now defunct because I haven't seen or herd anything come out from them in years...which is truly sad.

The...MoBo Joe-Federalli 2004

Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Hot Boyz Reunion Track...

The songs called "If I Ain't a Hot Boy"
and is rumored to be on Juveniles upcoming album "Diary of a Soulja".
And unlike the other reunion song
this one is produced by Mannie Fresh.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

RemixTape and N.O. Beat Kit samples....

Here is four snippets from the upcoming MixTape and a Sample
of whats to come in the NewOrleans Beat Kit i got for y'all.

The Beat kit sample is the anatomy of the song "Hustlers" by Dolamite.

I'm putting the finishing touches on both and they should be up real soon.


Here we come...RedRum...

This CD needs no introduction or explanation.
People use the term "Classic" nowadays with nothing behind it.
This is a NewOrleans Classic in every sense of the word.
For all the producers that check out this blog I got a NewOrleans Beat Kit in the works
where you can actually recreate this song and about 20 other ones with the samples
included in it. I also have a Mixtape with all your favorite classics totally remixed on it.
Be on the look out for that.
Dolamite-3rd Ward on my Mind.1995
I will upload his other album "Ruff N DA Ghetto" tomorrow.

Hot Boyz v.s. Da Wild Boyz....

Thats what it said on the sticker attached to the cd when i bought it
in 1999. If you like Cash Money i suggest you keep it moving because
Sporty-T is relentless on this one.
This dropped about the same time as the rumor that Sporty was about to sigh to No Limit.
(The Source Magazine)
This might help to explain why they have so many No Limit artist on this under diffrent alias.
The song that got radio love was Track no.14 by Kotic Mindz.
The video for Drop that Soulja Rag did CMR wrong.
Da Wild Boyz-Time for the Real 1999

Friday, August 8, 2008

You playa's better beware....

A Very tight 97' Take Fo' Records release.
I remember 2 joints from this album poppin' off on the radio back then
"Do the 2-Sweet" and "Ready to Rumble" with a guy that was trying really hard
to be Mystikal. One more really good track from this cd is "Do Like I Told Ya", what can I say
I'm a sucka for the Halloween piano.
I got her first tape with Take Fo' titled "Ready 2 Rumble" around here somewhere.When
I find it I will rip it and throw it up.

2-Sweet-Actin' Bad

Oh yea, I almost forgot....Saints put a foot n that ass yesterday!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

2 sides to every story.....


Yes this is the actual cover and not some photoshop preset shit.
Its an E.P. that also has the instrumental versions to the songs.
R.I.P. Daddy Yo

No Bounce,No Party...

Tight ass compilation album by DJ Mouche.
Some might remember the song "Every day of my life" by Da Rangaz blasting out
a ride in traffic back in the day.
Next is a mix CD by DJ Mouche showing off some of his choppin,production and Blending

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crazy...the saga continues...

Going off the momentem of "Chopper" and "Downtown" playing on the radio and taking stage before Master-P at the 98' Teen Summit , "Please don't kill me" was released a year later in 1999.
The album is a step up Lyrically and production wise from his last effort.Radio however didn't receive this album well.The only track to ever get some play was the lil Keke collabo song tittled
"Holla at me".
The Original cover artwork for this album had
crazy holding a gun instead of the re-issued cover
where he as a rosary in his hand.
This would be his last project on Ruff Era records
due to contractual disputes with the label.
For the rest of the year he laid low guest appearing on numerous artist projects and even
appeared in a local jewelers commercial.
He was soon approached by C-Murder from No Limit/Tru records
early in 2000.Due to ongoing Legal battles with his former label he had
to change his name.So instead of "Crazy" he changed it to "Krazy" while under No Limit
contract.His first ever recorded song under No Limit was the B-Side to the 504 Boys
single "Wobble,Wobble" tittled "Play no Games".
Crazy-Please don't Kill Me.1999 Ruff Era records.
Krazy-Play No Games.First recorded song on No Limit records.2000.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Similarities in the Voice, Ni@@a check the flow...

I had to quote Shyne for the presentation of Crazy. He also goes by "Krazy"
or "Doc Holiday".One of the founding key members of the group "Murder Inc." along with fellow rappers Legend Man,Alamo and M.C. L.
who put out the albums "Playing 4 Keeps" and a Bonnie and Clyde type album
tittled "Lets die together" in the early 90's returns on his first solo effort
on Ruff Era records. I remember this album getting passed off as unreleased 2pac
material partly because Crazy has a very unique voice and does in fact sound
a lot like 2pac. You either like this guy or you don't. To all the naysayers
claiming he was and is still biting Pac go back and listen to his earlier stuff with Murder Inc.

Murder Inc.-Playing for keeps

Murder Inc.-Lets Die 2Gether

Besides his flow his voice was exactly the same which makes me question just who was biting who? You never know.

The most memorable hit off this record is "Chopper" which was in rotation alot in
New Orleans back in 98' when this was released. Another song that used to get love
on the radio is "Downtown" which was downtowns response to B.G.'s earlier anthem
"Uptown Thang".

Crazy- I shed tears for the world. 1998 Ruff Era Records.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Classic New Orleans Rap Videos.

At first when I made this Blog I was going to upload music in general that i liked.
Lately Ive just been listening to Classic N.O. rap shit.
So for now I'm going to just start uploading my entire collection of Louisiana and New Orleans rap cds and tape rips that i have. About 250 Albums or so.
All these other Louisiana rap sites take to damn long to update.
So every day or two check back for a new album.
If you got something to add to the all means do.

For now lets take a video trip to the past.

Before the Bling shit and commercialized stuff got in the way.

When Local artist actually tried and made damn good music.
Now they all sound the same.
We finna do this...We going platinum....bla...bla...bla.
No Limit gets respect for basically putting Louisiana and the south on the map, but,
at the same time its bitter sweet because it really was the end of successful local acts.
I will gladly take U.N.L.V.'S "Uptown 4 Life" over anything that came out after they signed
that deal.

(For the people that put these up on YouTube, Thanks for bringing back the memories)

M.C. Thick-Marrero(What the fuck R they Yellin')

Juvenile-Soulja Rags

Partners-n-Crime -Let the good times roll

Mystikal-Yall aint ready yet(Directors cut)

Ruthless Juveniles-Same thing make you Laugh, Make you cry

G-Slimm-Fours Dueces n treys(Version 1)

Black Menace-Family

Joe Blakk featuring T. T. Tucker - Boot Up or Shut Up

Face Forever - Rollin' In My Ride

Code-6 -Lets go get em'

Some of the classics...not all of the classics.

This is for the locals....

I saw it only rite on my very first post to give it up
to the city that has giving me so many good times
(and hangovers).
So if your from around here or just want to get a taste of authentic
New Orleans music click the link and second line ya ass off.
Who Dat Bitch!!!!!!