Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What does.....

Sade....Elvis Presly...Derek B and the Show Boys have in common with New Orleans rap?

Hmmmm...lets sample and mix them all together and find out what Classic N.O. song has all the above Ingredients.

The anatomy of a Classic.

Watch out for my mixtape.


Ricky B.....B For Bounce.

As requested by someone in the ShoutBox. This dropped on Mobo Records around 95/96ish. Mannie Boo the main producer Ricky B. used to use for all his production died sometime ago. This is his second release, with the first being in 94' as an E.P. on the same label Certifiying his "Shake for ya Hood" and "Ya'll Holla" tracks as New Orleans classics.

He was featured on one of the Mobo clicks, a compilation album from the label, and dropped an underground tape that was an E.P. like his first after Mobo Records closed shop. After doing a stint in a Federal Penitentary he released "The Felony Squad" with Mannie Boo and this would be his last work known to date, also this was the last drop by Mannie Boo because he was killed short after its release.

The Felony Squad-Credit for time served

Last known album.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My local N.O. RAP List.

Some are ripped in 320kbps from my collection
Vinyl,Cassettes and CD's-
And this is just some that I own off top of my head.
Not all but some.
This don't include all the NO LIMIT shit i Got ect..ect..
I really need to sit down and catalog all this stuff.

So if you want to trade either MP3 Links or actual Cd's,Tapes or Vinyl
Holla back.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Partners n Crime- 94' Self-titled Attack.

I'm debating on poppin' the cherry on this SEALED version of

Partners n Crime's First album and ripping it Just for the

Pussy-N-A-Can (Radio version)...which I have only come across once on the net.
People seem to think PnC3 is their first release but let me set the record

I also have the cassette tape of this Still sealed in all its 94' glory.

The diffrence between the Wax and Tape versions
(which is the ONLY format this was made on)
is the cassett has "We are at war-Show em' what cha made of"
the song that single handedly set off the BigBoy/Cash Money Beef
and the 3 "Shouts" at the End.
Im' not going to pop the Seal on the tape since I have a dubbed version of it laying around and the one ripped on the net is the lowest quality tape rip I think in the history of tape rips itself.
Besides popping the seal on the tape would decrease its value since its going for about $80 dollars on ebay currently.
Stay tuned for this and Alot more Rare OOP New Orleans stuff.
Questons,Request or Comments?
Use the shout-Box.
Holla @ cha' Boy.


It's been over a year since I last updated this place, So I'm kind of back by popular demand.
Saints won the superbowl and now im back on this Blog ish.

Magnolia Shorty-Smokin' Gun
If you been anywhere in the N.O. area
(that was poppin')
in the last year you know what this is.

Magnolia Shorty-Monkey on the Dick Pt.2
Or Technically it would be part 3 because in 97' she made a remix to her
original version from 96'.