Friday, November 19, 2010

CMR Queing with Q93

Its ya Boy Wild Wayne.
Wild wayne has been the voice of Louisiana hip hop along with New Orleans
longest running hip hop and RnB radio station Q93. Back in the day you would hear
D.J. Jimi, Ricky B., Lil Elt, M.C. Thick and all the N.O. Superstars Because Wayne would be the
the first radio personality to break them on Q93 Fm.
He would have the "Slam it or Jam it" where the listeners would choose what would get played.
He used to have the 9.0 clock props where local talent would show off their skills on the Mic
Live on air.
One night a rapper named Choppa did his thing on the props and was later sighned to
Take IV records just because of his freestyle on the radio station.
Now everyone knows who Choppa is.
(Choppa style..chop,chop..choppa style)
I have his freestyle along with interviews and freestyles from
Lokee,L.O.G.,U.N.L.V.,Mystikal and bokoo more,
It's on a tape so when i rip it
you all will get a blast from the past.
I broke my arm and am recovering from surgery
so it's gonna be a couple of weeks till i update the blog.
This one hand typing shit takes forever!!
So hang in their and I will be back soon.