Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween...Bitch it's Fright Night!!

I figured It's just fitting to post this up since it's Halloween.

This Is Tre-8's Remake,or Reloaded as it's titled, of his Classic

Fright Night album that dropped back in the day.

With Beats similar to the original but pretty much minus all the

samples that where included in his previous works tracks.

He Even switches up the lyrics on a couple songs.

On the title song Fright Night
he combines the lyrics of both
Fright Night the original with Master-P and Fright Night 2 which was

found on "Dey Scared of Me" and that one featured J-Dawg of Black menace.

He stays true to the original on this one

and actually makes a remake possible without tarnishing his classic.

For new jacks that have no clue about the original Fright Night tracks.

Let Uncle Jeff scool ya.

Fright Night/Feat Master P-

^^^^^^Notice how Master-P says "6 inch gertur" at the end insted of 6 foot.

Night Time Falls(Fright Night 2)/Feat J-Dawg of Black Menace-



-Jeff Parish-

Sunday, October 24, 2010

7th Ward Murdafeen

Murdafeen is a downtown 7th Ward New Orleans artist that dropped his one and only
album in 1999 on Bullheaded records. He has some later work but just random shit.
This is actually a pretty solid album but the stand out tracks for me was always
the self titled "Me and Ma Dawgs" and the radio played "Hold Up".
This came out around the turn of the century when N.O. rap was changing
from really hardcore lyrics and traditional sampled music into Stuntin and shining thanks to CMR.
That's why alot of people don't fuck with anything out of New Orleans past the year 2000.Not all but most.
I wouldn't give someone 15 bucks to brag to me about what they have.Would you?
Sorry for the rant, I guess I'm still in shock that the Saints fell to the Browns today.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Classic 1998 Bounce MixTape...

Over 1,ooo views in 15 Days..WOW. Thanks to everyone who

checks out the blog and keeps this New Orleans scene, Vintage

or New, alive and strong.

This was a classic Mixtape that dropped in 1998. It has alot

of the classics mixed in to one continuous flow.

Blending @ it's Best.

The CD version and the Tape version of this release are different.

The Tape has "Drag Em' N Tha River" Going in to "Back from the River" then that Goes in to "G'z and Soldiers"

The CD version has a different lineup in the mix.

This is the CD version Rip.

Stay tuned because I will updating the Blog more often now.



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mystikal feat Lil' Wayne and Fiend-Papercuts NEW 10/13

Just getting back from the Hornets game N.O. 90 MIA.76-Fuck Bosh,
It's all about C-P-3 bitches....and $9.00 24 oz. Budweiser's.

Here go some New Mystikal Featuring Wayne and Fiend.



Sunday, October 10, 2010

Young A-Reality Check

Pretty solid CD.

Amoung the Soulja Slim/B.G.

collab "Come Serve Me" and

its remix featuring Mia-X,

The second stand out is the

David Banner produced

"Eyes Half Closed".

Most from down here can

relate to this song.

Get it and enjoy this shit.



It's all good.

Got past the bullshit and it's all good.
Once ya done looking around ya'll head over to
and see what INOLA has to offer.
We all in the same gang.



Friday, October 8, 2010

Capitol F I....END

Keep'n it moving.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I figured Since the Blog hit 30,000 views
That I would release the RADIO VERSION
of this song.
It took me 13 years to find this, and when
I did it was the Radio Version.Now Since the
Big Homie came threw and hooked me up
with the EXPLICIT version I don't mind getting
off of it as much. You know who you are for
the hook up. Thanks a Million.Respect to
a real collector from a real collector.
And until the big homie gives me the word
on releasing the Dirty version, this will have
to do.
They both have alternate lyrics.
For example:

(Radio Version)
The B.G. Splitta/3-D killa
Back from the River
I'm bout to lay you Big mouth
punks down without ya pillow

(Explicit Version)
The B.G. Killa/3-D Nigga
Back from the River
I'm Bout to lay you Big Mouth
Mutha Fuckas Down without
ya pillow

The Explicit version wins hands down.

But hey, for a song no one knew existed
and then became highly saught after because
of a rally at this Blog, This should put a smile
on a lot of followers faces. I know it did on mine.
This is why I do this shit.

P.S. The song is called "Back From The River", NOT
Here I Go part.2. The Only reason he did the
Here I Go chorus is because That song was
just released and was getting airplay all over, SO,
By making this the chorus he figured it would
catch on like Here I Go did.
Drag Em' was like Ether tho' and no matter what
Mystikal released or said it could not top that song.