Sunday, October 3, 2010


I figured Since the Blog hit 30,000 views
That I would release the RADIO VERSION
of this song.
It took me 13 years to find this, and when
I did it was the Radio Version.Now Since the
Big Homie came threw and hooked me up
with the EXPLICIT version I don't mind getting
off of it as much. You know who you are for
the hook up. Thanks a Million.Respect to
a real collector from a real collector.
And until the big homie gives me the word
on releasing the Dirty version, this will have
to do.
They both have alternate lyrics.
For example:

(Radio Version)
The B.G. Splitta/3-D killa
Back from the River
I'm bout to lay you Big mouth
punks down without ya pillow

(Explicit Version)
The B.G. Killa/3-D Nigga
Back from the River
I'm Bout to lay you Big Mouth
Mutha Fuckas Down without
ya pillow

The Explicit version wins hands down.

But hey, for a song no one knew existed
and then became highly saught after because
of a rally at this Blog, This should put a smile
on a lot of followers faces. I know it did on mine.
This is why I do this shit.

P.S. The song is called "Back From The River", NOT
Here I Go part.2. The Only reason he did the
Here I Go chorus is because That song was
just released and was getting airplay all over, SO,
By making this the chorus he figured it would
catch on like Here I Go did.
Drag Em' was like Ether tho' and no matter what
Mystikal released or said it could not top that song.




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scjoha said...

Thanks for this, Jeff. Rare Mystikal, Soulja Slim, Juvenile and B.G. are always welcome. I really appreciate your work on this blog here. I'm only starting to get into 90's classical N.O. rap, working my way back in time from 2006/07 Lil Wayne and my 2000 and 2001 Mystikal CD's.

Mr. RAD said...

My goodness. I wanted this track so bad and had been searching the net for it since '96/'97. As touching the dirty version, I didn't know that even existed. Can't wait until you upload that one.

Thanks a million bro.

lilerlziana said...

Thts a classic. been looking for tht since the same time you and yours heard it.... Thanx

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