Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mystikal-Back from the River (Dirty CDQ) Trade

To answer the ton of Emails,Blogger,forum, Youtube comments on why I havent leaked the
the dirty version or the 3 track promo single
that includes the Instrumental and Radio version Is...

I am..or was in talks with a dude that has the ORIGINAL version of
"U Can't Handle This" that was recorded for his first single off his
second local album entitled "13 Years". I have been offered money
and whatnot BUT I really want a good rip of that song. I have it
on CD but its scratched and wont rip at all.

Mystikal-U Can't Handle This 1995 Original Big Boy Version

Mystikal - U Can Handle This - Unreleased 1995 Big Boy Version Produced by Precise by muzikngeneralblog

The Entire album was scrapped when JIVE picked him up and the
only person with the masters are Precise and David Faulk.
Other tracks that where recorded for this Unreleased 2nd Big Boy album
include the Original versions of "13 Year's", "I Ain't Playing" and a Intro, Outro
and 2 unamed tracks. which I have.
Once I get this I will release what will be the "13 Years" EP to the masses.
Tagged Free for once.

So If any one has a decent rip of "U Can't Handle This" 1995 Original Big Boy
version or any of the UNRELEASED formentioned tracks in good quality.
I will Gladly trade the promo single in return for it.




Yella Boy must be turning in his grave knowing
Mystikal just sighned to Cash Money/YMCMB
Oh, the Irony.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Juvenile feat.Mannie Fresh

Also has the Officer, Ricky Ross, on it.
This is taken off Juvenile's new album "Rejuvination" Droppin early in December.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tre-8 and Dem Haze Boyz+Some Musical History

One of the last New projects you will ever hear from Tre-8.
What really catches my ear on this Compilation is the flipped
Neil Young "Southern Man" sample. Track 2.
Some History for that ass.......
Few really know that BEEFING on wax actually originated
in the Classic Rock world in the 70's over that very song.
Neil being from canada, made that song about what he thought
a typical southern man's life is like.
Then Lynyrd Skynyrd, yes I am typing this correctly,
Lynyrd Skynyrd fired the first shot ever documented in recording
history at Neil Young on the song "Sweet Home Alabama".
So the dirty south started this form of audio retaliation.
Now That's Beef....Lol.
Just one to grow on.



Got a WorldWide Premiere in the works coming soon.
Stay Tuned.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

L.O.G. 1997 Video Interview

Ran across this and thought ya'll would dig it.
L.O.G. interview in 1997 talking about his new album
Camouflaged Down.
Then within the interview they flash back to an even older
interview when he released G'Z N Soldiers
and Lokee is in it.
Vintage Classic N.O.Hip Hop in it's hay day.



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

R.I.P. Tim Smooth

Rapper Tim Smooth died at age 39, early this morning, after a long battle with cancer.
Born Timothy Smoot – and known as “the Knight from Kennedy Heights” - the rapper was considered a pioneer of New Orleans hip-hop. He established his reputation as an MC while still a teenager; in an interview last year, he recalled sneaking out of L.W. Higgins High School in Marrero at lunchtime to battle other rappers on their school’s playgrounds. In 1991, he released his first single, “I Gotsta Have It,” for Dallas-based Yo! Records, and label-hopped after that, putting out albums on Houston’s Rap-A-Lot label and the local indies Big Boy and Mobo.
At Big Boy Records, he met and mentored Mystikal. During a respite from his illness, Smooth made an appearance on the mic with his old friend during a House of Blues concert last December.
"Had I never met Tim, I would be a totally different artist," Michael "Mystikal" Tyler told Times-Picayune music writer Keith Spera today.
"He even co-wrote the title cut with me on 'Mind of Mystikal.' Thanks for the memories."
News of the rapper’s death spread rapidly today via blog and social-networking sites. The newly-formed hip-hop collective New Orleans Union for Entertainment posted a tribute on their web page. DJ EF Cuttin, a longtime friend of Smoot’s, wrote a heartfelt obituary on his site.
“I hope they remember how he was – he was a friend to everybody, everybody loved him,” said his sister, Nicole Smoot.
“He never had a fight in his whole life, and he was 39 years old. He was a happy person. He was always cracking jokes, and even with the cancer, he never didn’t have a smile on his face.”
Funeral arrangements for Smoot are pending.




Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mr Marcelo-48 Laws Of Power

New Mr.Marcelo. He seriously stepping his game up to compete with his
little brother Curren$y the hot spitta.



Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mannie Fresh Speaks on Everything....

RBMA Session New Orleans: Mannie Fresh from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.

This is a interview that was taken in April of this year.
Mannie Speaks on how the entire NO LIMIT V.S. Cash Money
beef came about over U.N.L.V.'S song "Nigga I'M Bout It"
@ the 36 minute mark.
The History of New Orleans Hip Hop and speaks on a wide
range of topics pertaining to the Old School cash money
Just a great sit down Interview over all.
Props goes out to the interviewer for asking
alot of In depth questions.



Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sporty-T Jackin' For Bounce/M.V.P. LP

I figured since everyone has spread the TAPE rip around like a S.T.D., I would do the same
with the LP rip.

It has just about every track found on the tape plus their RADIO version

Also this has the relatively unknown group from BIG BOY, M.V.P., and their single at the time
"In The Projects" and its RADIO version.

Also track's 8 and 9 on the B side are backwards, Mislabeling on the manufacturers part.
Feel Free to split them because I have it ripped by side's.



Oh yea,
Respect to the boy Kay Geez.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

504 YouTube Commercial



Monday, May 30, 2011

R.I.P. Tre-8

A New Orleans-based rapper known to his fans as Tre-8 died after a car accident in Algiers Saturday night, his mother confirmed today.
Aubrey EdwardsWalter McCallon, known as Tre-8, in a picture taken for "Where They At: New Orleans Hip-Hop and Bounce in Words and Pictures, " an exhibition at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.
Tam McCallon Fischer said Tre-8, whose real name was Walter McCallon, 37, died in a hospital after the accident on Tullis and Woodland drives. His daughter, two nieces, a nephew and the mother of his children were in the car with him at the time, and are all in the hospital, Fischer said.
The accident sparked memorials for the musician on his Facebook page and in other social media websites.
McCallon attended L.B. Landry and O. Perry Walker high schools on the West Bank. He played in both schools' marching bands, experimenting with snare, tenor drum, French horn and trumpet, but found his real musical calling in hip-hop.
In his early teens, McCallon became a backup dancer for Bennett, the rapper and producer known as Ice Mike, who produced early New Orleans hip-hop artists including Bust Down and Joe Blakk. At Bennett's home studio, he learned engineering and production skills that led him to work producing tracks for the West Bank indie label Slaughterhouse Records while still in high school.
McCallon recorded his first songs as a teenage rapper alongside Tim Smooth as a member of the group Westbank Coalition in 1993. At 16, he became one of the first artists signed to Master P's newly minted No Limit records label. His debut (and only release) for No Limit, "Ghetto Stories," came out in 1995, characterized by his signature raspy vocals and exaggerated horror-movie and gangsta themes cut with a dark sense of humor.
After his departure from No Limit, he continued to produce other artists and record his own material for local independent outfits like South Coast Music Group and his own imprints, Smoke 1 Records and Purple Haze Prodctions.
In March 2011, he released "Black & Purple" with the group Dem Haze Boyz, his first album since 2008's "Most Underrated."

And this article does not begin to some up the scope and magnitude of this dudes energy when he was here. One of the founding rappers to rep the West Bank.
Bet ya didn't know that he was G-Slimms cousin.


R.I.P. Tre-8 Dedication by muzikngeneralblog



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Magic "Bitch you must be Crazy"

New Song from Magic a.k.a. "Mr.9Th Ward" who just shot a video

for this track a couple of days ago down here.

Out of all the old No Limit soldiers, other than mystikal, no one could

match Magics vocal versatility. Once the No Limit empire fell and he

wasn't so crowded he really started to shine and didn't sound so boxed in.

To get what I'm saying listen to his first release on No Limit and then

forward yourself to "Pockets Gone' Stay Fat" with P.



Friday, May 6, 2011

U.N.L.V.-Scrap Up

Just passing some shit along, since I'm not breaking the wrapper on my cassette to rip it
it's cool someone else did...and actually did a decent job.
Thanks goes out to J.Woodz who provided the link.
Got a couple more thing coming up so stay tooned.



Friday, March 4, 2011

Game Time Part.2

504 Classic Radio Promo's by muzikngeneralblog
I came across some old records and decided since
I am putting together a RADIO only compilation
of the classics for a local D.J. I would have a second
contest for you all.
All you have to do is choose out of the four I am offering
which one you want me to post up for DL and what ever
one get's the most votes I Will be put up on the Blog.
Go to the blog's E-Mail Located at the top in the banner
send me an E-Mail with the vote and that's it.
On Monday, Lundi Gras, I will post the winner.
2.Black Menace-Drama Time RADIO VERSION
3.Black Menace Ft.Fiend-Hit 'Em, Get 'Em RADIO VERSION
4.Tim Smooth Ft.Mystikal-Handle Yo Business RADIO VERSION
Most people have never herd a lot of the Radio Versions
of these songs. That's one of the things I miss about Music
in General is that artist don't take the time and effort to
actually go back and Re-Lay their vocals with New lyrics
for radio play. Now they just totally mute the word out.
You've herd the Explicit versions of these classics a million
times so once you hear them with different lyrics it kind of
throws you for a loop.
A couple of them the beat is slightly altered to a certain
Get cha' vote on.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Soulja Slim V.S. Krazy Times 2

Soulja Slim V.S. Krazy Times 2 Snippets by muzikngeneralblog

Since people have been blowing up the Blogs Email requesting

some more thing's from the mixtape I decided to put this up.

It's 2 Snippets of 2 songs that feature Krazy A.K.A. Crazy and

Soulja Slim. One is over the Code 6 'Let's Go Get 'Em"

Instrumental and the other over a Fiend Beat.

I had actually made a Slim V.S. Crazy EP back in

the day when they where going at it. Imma have to

find it one day I think it had like 5 songs and it had

a Crazy verse on the "Never Know" beat from Slim/B.G.

it was tight.

Well off to buy Mardi Gras Beads to throw on March 8th




Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mystikal V.S. Dolamite....

Mystikal V.S. Dolamite-Boot Camp Clicc JeffParishRemix by muzikngeneralblog

Also, Dolamite's "Hustlas" beat was recreated by me.

504 Legends Mash-Up Mixtape Vol.1 coming sooner than you think.

Below is a link to the mix above since acouple people requested it.



Sunday, January 30, 2011

Whatcha' Working With?

To Test the Blogs new SoundCloud Page I figured why not
Throw a track up by Ricky B. off the
to test it out.

Ricky B. (Whatcha' Workin' With) by muzikngeneralblog

Enjoy and



Friday, January 28, 2011

How about a Game with a nice Prize....

If you know your New Orleans Rap like you say you do, then how about we
play a little game.

What New Orleans Legend is in the above Pic?

The First person to Email the blog with the correct guess gets a pick of any
Album they want from my list.
I will Email you a List,Choose One and then
I will send you a link to DL it.

Good Luck.



**Congrat's to KP for being the first one to
guess the correct name. Ricky B.

Out of 16 E-Mails KP was the first one to answer correctly.
Check ya Email for the list to choose something from playa.

Thanks to all who played, This is the first instalment of the Game.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New FIEND 2011

I wish someone would just tell Fiend that we want that Whomp..Whomp shit.
This sounds like some East Coast shit..that's cool and all, but, Fiend's real fanbase
knows him a certain way.........and this is not it.

I didn't even know that NEW Black Menace dropped.....
Well 3 post in one night, Thats like an entire month's worth on
some other blogs...SMH...I'm out for tonight.
See ya'll soon.



Mystikal-I On't Like you 3-Track promo single

Finally got the official single today and thought I would share it with ya'll.
This is the Longer version that has
1 more verse and a Call and response hook.
The one everyone has on the net is the pre-mix that cuts
off prematurely.This is the one that's on the new record.
It also has the radio versions with different Lyrics.

Mystikal-I On't Like You 3 track Promo single.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mystikal/Mannie Fresh-Uh Oh

New Mystikal song that got broke on the radio yesterday.
Very good choice for a radio song...It's for the ladies.

Mystikal feat Jazelle-Uh Oh (Radio Version)-Produced by Mannie Fresh

Monday, January 24, 2011


Me and My Young'n(2009)

Pretty solid release got the usual former Big Boy records suspects all over it along
with some up-and-comers.'n_(2009).zip



Daddy Yo....

"I'm Not your Trick Daddy"-1993*tape rip

Another one of the founding fathers of Bounce music.



****Yo,on a side note...
thanks to MRMAGNOLIA for doing some trading with me.
I got the CD in the mail Friday Patna'.Just as you

And Thanks to myself for figuring out Photoshop.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mystikal Promo CD and New LP version track

This is the first official official track off his new album due out sometime this year.
I had previously uploaded both of these but now you get the Instrumental and radio
version's of the "That Woman" track as well as the final mix down of "I 'ont Like you"
that is longer due to the Call and responce outro along with a number of little things
tweaked on it.
It went from 3:20 to 4:48.
This is the version that will appear on the upcoming album.

Mstikal-That Woman Promo CD (Dirty/Clean/Instrumental)

Mystikal-I 'ont like you (New longer Version with added vocals, LP ready)

Exspect somore updates soon like a "Boot Camp Clicc" LP
and somemore stuff.