Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tha Streets Won't Let Me Go....

Pretty Solid Release by Big Ren.

The commercial for this back in the day was corny as hell,

with a shoestring budget what do you expect?

Add track #7 and #14 to the ever growing list of artist who remade

Manny Fresh/U.N.L.V.'s "Don't ya be Greedy" Track in to some kind of

song of their own.

Impersonation is a form of flattery.

Eh...It is what it is.

And thanks to those who are blowing up the blogs Email.

I got you all.


Slam it on the wall..

By Souljas of Sorrow a group consisting of the CEO of Mobo Records,
Mobo Joe, was the song that caught my ear as me and my patna was cruising aimlessly and very intoxicated in New Orleans in the a.m. hours.
I used to love to listen to the DJ's on Q93 really late/Early in the morning because they didn't play the same garbage that filled their "Prime Time"
air waves. This would be the only time a song like this would ever be played...and it did...and I remembered it and sought after it.
This is one out of the two Compilation albums Mobo did to showcase their catalog of artist and give you a preview of up-and-comers.
The only thing I hate is the "Remixes" of the Ruthless Juveniles and Dog
House Posse songs.You own the Masters to these.Why not Take the Acapella and Remix it the way it should be instead of just adding other drum samples and weak keyboard synths over the existing tracks.
Beyond that, It's straight.



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Friday, May 28, 2010

Don't Stop

Per shout Box Request:
Warren Mayes-Get it Girl


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wet Boyz-Get Wet

No Homo...Lol!!
This is a solid release by Sporty-T R.I.P.
Trolling other peoples blogs and saw that they could not find this so I guess I will share with my Internet Brothers and Sisters.
Now after you DL this go and Re-Up it on Rapidshare and claim it as your own like most People do.
**Cough...Cough Nolalive**

Hold it down for me.

KLC feat Juvenile,Snoop and Soulja Slim.

I had almost forgotten about this track,and Six Shot all together.

Time to revisit it.

If anyone has this Untagged


Monday, May 3, 2010

New C-Murder-The Life I Live....

From his new album "Tomorrow" due out in June.

C-Murder-The Life I Live

New Mystikal and C-Murder within days of each other,

it's like a No Limit resurrection.