Saturday, July 20, 2013

JeffParish Presents....Volume 1. Mixtape Snippets.

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 Me and DJ Pyra-C are putting the finishing touches on the first Volune in a series of mixtapes.
This one is Called Big Boy Records Bounced Out and Re-vamped and is going to be
Nothing but Bounce Remixes and Original Remixes made by me. It's really going to have
that New Orleans feel to it.
This one is going to Include the Explicit Vocals of Mystikal's "Back from Tha River"
as you never herd them before.
Along for the ride is the Entire Big Boy Records Roster and a few surprises here and
there just  for ya'll.

 The Production was handled entirely by me.
The mastering, scratching and flow on the mix-tape was
generated solely by DJ Pyra-C. Ya'll go check some of his
work out. He has projects hosted by a number of
Big Boy Artist and Exclusive Remixes by
the super underrated Big Boy Records producer
David "D-Funk" Faulk. For ya'll that are sleeping
and don't know who that is, He was the man in
the shadows that DJ Precise took all the credit
for. The Sound of Big Boy Records can be
contributed to David Faulk alone.

Be on the Look out for Volume 1. to drop @ the end of

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

13 Second 13 Year's ORIGINAL World Premiere Clip

As you all know by now, and reading my Blog,
Mystikal was really a lazy writier in his
earlier years. Sometimes he was a victim
of Circumstances, sometimes he was not.

Let's look @ his track record:

1."Back from the River":Originally recorded
as a response track to retaliate to U.N.L.V.
and CMR for the years of dissing on him
and Big Boy Records.He made this after his first
local self titled release and while working
on his local follow up to it, titled 13 years.
Just before he and BBR got their deal with Jive.
"The Man Right Chea" dropped on No Limit a year
or two later and he Used a good portion of the
Original Lyrics from BFTR on it.

2."I Ain't Playin'" Originally recorded with the
help of David "D-Funk" Faulk for the just about
defunct Big Boy Record's comp. titled "We G'z".
"I Ain't Playin'" was Re-Recorded and released
once more on the NO LIMIT Comp. "We Can't Be Stopped". Using Once again a very large portion
of the Orignal as it's backbone.

3."U Can't Handle This" was recorded as his
Single off his Second Local album that he
was working on while Jive was going threw
the motions on the BBR Deal.This was actually
played on the Radio a couple of times. It was
going to be released in duel fashion on the
"Dangerous Grounds" soundtrack to the Ice Cube
movie AND as his album single.
Jive kicked in and cut it off both and had him
drop Precise/Faulk and link up with the legendary
traxxxster for "Mr.Shit Talker". Song was never
herd from again Until...
"You Can't Handle This" was re-recorded with
the No Limit In house producers and released
on his "Unpredictable" album.

4."13 Years" was recorded in the same sessions
as "U Can't Handle This" and "Back From The River"
along with a handfull of others on what would
have been an amazing Big Boy Records album and
a true follow up to "Mystikal". But with BBR going
under and Jive wanting to stray away with anything to do with the Big Boy company
"Mind of Mystikal" did not include it on it's tracklist. And It never saw the light of day Until...
"13 Years" was again Re-Recorded for his No Limit
album "Unpredictable".This is one of the few
songs he re-did that actually stays true to
basically every word from the original except
for the No Limt refrences on the latter one.

So I think we can all conclude that "Unpredictable"
followed the bluprint of what would have been
the "13 Years" album that would have dropped
on Jive and would have had a HEAVY influence
from BBR artist and producers.

So where does that leave us now?

Let's just say threw the help of alot
of people that Most, if not All, of the
Original Big Boy Records Mystikal "13 Years"
material has been found.

The tracks that I listed above do not
represent the Entire body of work that
was made for that project. These are the
one's I'm only willing to talk about
and mention at this time.

Look out for the entire review and
release in the future. You never know
I just might leak something from it on
the mixtapes coming up I got with DJ Pyra-C.

Stay tuned....