Thursday, April 29, 2010

New 2010 Mystikal-"I Don't Like You" feat Fiend,KLC.

The above Pic Is Mystikal in the studio w/KLC and Juvenile.

Mystikal feat.Fiend.Produced by KLC-'I Don't Like You

KLC Breathing new life into the "Down 4 my Niggaz" Sample.
Mystikal Hit the ground running and starting it off correct!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mystikal-Back From the River

Came across this and bought it just for the now infamous and highly sought after response from Mystikal to U.N.L.V.'S-Drag 'Em N Tha River
titled "Back From the River".It's a totally new rendition of the song we New Orleans people have known to consider a classic"Here I Go".
Two places I have herd this song, None being on the Internet, Once on the radio in 96' and a clip on the 98' Dj Al presents Bounce-60 minute Louisiana Mixtape which ironically blends it with Drag Em'.
Besides the for mentioned Precise produced song,This promo also came with the Instrumental to "Here I Go",Radio version,LP Version and a very
New York sounding Remix produced by Jesse West with the Instrumental to accompany that.
The Jesse West Remix is awkward because like the Remix to "Out that Boot Camp Clicc" it has a basic NY beat trying to contain a high energy southern rapper and it does not work well.
I will leave you with a snippet of "Back From the River" to wet your appetite expect the full with a lot of other rarities on the MixTape.
Mystikal-Back From The River(Snippet)
Holla @ Cha' Boy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Code 6/Ice Mike Entertainment Rip.

Straight from the Shrink-Wrap to the Needle. I used to always skip the Ice Mike Entertainment track when it came up on the CD. After listening to the Instrumental and 12 years later it's starting to grow on me.
I also have an entire new respect for the "Let's Go Get 'Em" production, Its weird listening to an Instrumental how much production value you miss when vocals are added.
Oh yea, Ashes and Wax don't ignore the two minor skips on this song.
I do not have time to Re-Rip it or run it threw the clean up filter program as of now.
Code 6-Ice Mike Entertainment (Radio)
Holla @ Cha' Boy.

Monday, April 12, 2010


A Snippet for the non-believers.

Followed by Partners-N-Crime-Just Anotha Number (Radio) full.

In Honor of Me finding another Sealed Copy of the self-titled first tape along with the Sealed Black Menace 3-Track promo and Sealed Tre-8-Dey Scared of Me Disc.

I can say that it came from the Vinyl,Cassette or the Super Rare "Pussy-n-a-Can" Cassette Single with them "Pissin' on 6th and B" on the cover,Either way I got em' all.


Saturday, April 10, 2010


I have never seen this and it is not listed on any of his discographys, so with that in mind I bought it along with a couple other Vinyl singles.

Turns out it actually has the Demo version of "Not That Nigga" and the Instrumental to accompany it on the B-Side. After Reading about "Turntable Tech Issues" over on the T.a.G. Blog I started ripping all my rare 504 wax and have come to appreciate the speed of Disc burners.

Wax=Time Consuming

I'm only posting one cut from this as to retain it's future Re-Sale/Trade value.If you are interested in this or have something that I might want and wanna trade get @ me.

And just in case some new heads didnt know."Mystikal" the self-titled release on Big Boy back in 94',is not the Original.The Original has a diff cover and has all the same songs as that one with the addition of a Intro.

The Cover above this is taken from the "OG".


Monday, April 5, 2010

Charlie Hanseen:Attack of the 320's Chapter one.

I know what your thinking..why is this dude not scanning this stuff?
Well for two reasons one being my scanner is down and Two I think taking a picture of this stuff is more personal and intimate.
And if I ever list any of this stuff for sale on Ebay or any private buyer, the ground work is done.
This is the maiden voyage on my Attack of the 320's series and I could not think of a better CD to spread around the net then this one.
One of the most SOLID disc's to drop from Untouchable or even in the New Orleans area period at that time.
This dude would have got put on if not for the "L" he got for murder.
Manny Fresh shows up on two tracks with production like he always did before CMR locked him down. His efforts are on "Gettin' Involved" and the Single that burnt up the radio down here "True Players"
His other note worthy production for Untouchable/Tombstone was L.O.G.'s G'z and Soldiers in which he produced the title track.
Just like my last post a typo exist on the tracklist to this cd too.
The last track(the best in my opinion)Is actually the explicit version not the radio version.So I fixed that when ripping this.
Enjoy this classic as it was ment to be.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Got some stuff today, Including another Sealed cassette version of G-Slimm-Fours Dueces and Treys but one of these Tracklist's is misleading.

Im a fiend for Instrumentals and Acapellas from local rap artist.
So when I came across the Tim Smooth-Kaboom!! 4trk Promo from his
"Da Franchise Player" 98' mobo release I was like cool I got another artist for the mixtape. Dropped the 4 Bucks at the counter and bounced.
When I opened the wrapper and popped it in to rip it at my disarray Mobo records made a error in the Track listing.
Tim Smooth-Kaboom!!
It actually has the Instrumental twice and no acapella so at least I can make a great Q DIY acapella out of this.
Glad I got it eitherway, it fits in good with my growing collection.

This is just a heads up for Blenders and Producers.