Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hide out or Ride out....

Very Tight release that came out on Take Fo' Records in 96'. It strays a lot from the Bounce
sound that the label is known for and instead trades it in for a gangsta or hard core vibe.
The Hideout-War Time(The Album)


bernard504 said...

Ayo where in the hell did you find this? For those who don't know this is a Classic.

I have been looking for this because it is a rumor that these guys signed with Tupac's Outlaw Immortal/DeathRow right before he died. I had the cd but lost it in Katrina.On the song "Wartime" the rapper Ton-Toe raps"Put'em in they grave cuz the behavior I got,gotr me playing with these steel toys/laying down all these pussy ass niggas up in BadBoy". And could it be by coincidence the HideOut Click member who called himself Bishop died around Pac's death. Its also weird that Pac played "Bishop" in "Juice". If anyone who knows about them or has the Cd, look at the inside cover and there's a Deathrow logo. Also If you look at Makavelli "The 7 day Theory Album" with Pac on the Cross, look under his right arm it shows the word New Orleans. I EXPLAINED ALL THAT TO SAY THIS: There's also a continuing rumor as we all know, that Pac is supposedly still alive. Well there's a new artist who I think is said to be from New Orleans named Nicky Mac who rumors say is Pac. Yes Pac supposedly went to Haiti under the name Te'Jean and got plastic and recontructive surgery to change his appearance. And some tatts removed and ne ones add. I wish i could find where I read this. When I do I will put it up.

Nikki Makk said...

Wowww lmao....niggas be coming up with some bullshit fa real. This is Taz...former member of the Hideout and I don't know where you got this shit from but I gotta set it straight. We never signed with Pac, Take Fo was in talks with Deathrow but niggas in the group got big headed and started doing shady business causing the group to split.Ton-toe did dis Bad boy but he originally said Big Boy because Threat from Black Menace took me and Ton-toe there to get signed only to get turned down by Chuck. He said that me and Ton-toe sounded like Outkast and he didn't like them. Take fo owners Henry and Earl did not want any beef with Chuck so they asked him to change it. And yes Bishop whose real name was Billy did get killed but that had no connection to Pac palying Bishop. In fact , he took the name Bishop from the movie. Last but not least I go by Nikki Makk nowadays and I am not Pac or proclaiming to be Pac reincarnated lmao..Yes I did go to Haiti for a minute, my Grandmother is from Port Au Prince. I'm also known to some as Ta'zhonne Taz for short. Whoever told you that shit is a straight up liar homie lol. And R.I.P. to my nigga Rogers " Lynx Capone" Johnson...Hideout 4 life.