Sunday, May 11, 2014

Drag 'Em N Tha River (Bounced Out Remix) Radio Clip

A Bounced Out Remix of the classical Mystikal Diss Song
by the legendary U.N.L.V.
This is also the Radio Version of this song that uses
alternate lyrics.

If I don't end up using this on something I will make
it Dl'able on the soundcloud link.


-Jeff Parish-

Monday, March 10, 2014

C-Murder & Lil Boosie-Came2DaCan

  @ First I was like "Came2DaCan"? This is going to be some cut-n-paste 
song, but to my surprise, No, and actually this is produced by Craig B who
was 1/4 of the production team of Beats By The Pound. I also did not know
that Lil Boosie and C-Murder where locked up together in La State prison.
 Ah ha, "Came2DaCan" I get it now. The subject matter touches on how
friends and even family (in C-Murders Case) turn they're back on you
when you doing deep time in the pen.

I think if not hearing NEW VERSES from a recently freed Boosie
and a once again Incarcerated  C-Murder is not enough to check out this
track. Then how about the perfect production from Craig B or the fact


YES! You read that correctly, He finally turns on his own brother after years
of bickering (They recorded "TRU-Da Crime Family" in seperate studios
because of the tension between Master-P and C-Murder) and the subliminal
back and forth stuff.



Monday, February 24, 2014

Sick and Tired...

New Big Boy Records artist Young Gabe featuring one of the label's OG'S Mystikal.

Now get ya screw face on.

Still kickig it....

A Simple Remix I did using one of the left over beats I had for Bounced Out and Re-Vamped Volume 2 me and DJ Pyra-C are putting out. Ya'll stay tuned.

The name of the song kind of fit's my mood!!!!!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Big Boy Records Bounced Out and Re-Vamped Volume.1

It's Finally Here. The Jeff Parish/ Dj Pyra-C collab.

Bounced Out Re Vamped Volume One Front
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Bounced Out & Re Vamped Volume One ( Back)
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

G-Slimm Slippin' CDS

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Mixtape front cover final FINALLLLG Slimm Back Good Version






Saturday, July 20, 2013

JeffParish Presents....Volume 1. Mixtape Snippets.

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 Me and DJ Pyra-C are putting the finishing touches on the first Volune in a series of mixtapes.
This one is Called Big Boy Records Bounced Out and Re-vamped and is going to be
Nothing but Bounce Remixes and Original Remixes made by me. It's really going to have
that New Orleans feel to it.
This one is going to Include the Explicit Vocals of Mystikal's "Back from Tha River"
as you never herd them before.
Along for the ride is the Entire Big Boy Records Roster and a few surprises here and
there just  for ya'll.

 The Production was handled entirely by me.
The mastering, scratching and flow on the mix-tape was
generated solely by DJ Pyra-C. Ya'll go check some of his
work out. He has projects hosted by a number of
Big Boy Artist and Exclusive Remixes by
the super underrated Big Boy Records producer
David "D-Funk" Faulk. For ya'll that are sleeping
and don't know who that is, He was the man in
the shadows that DJ Precise took all the credit
for. The Sound of Big Boy Records can be
contributed to David Faulk alone.

Be on the Look out for Volume 1. to drop @ the end of

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